Hi, I'm Laura and I'm a wedding + family photographer.

I take honest, creative portraits of people who love each other. I love being a Staffordshire wedding photographer because I am surrounded by some super cool venues but I also love travelling up and down the country. My work is natural, relaxed and creative but most of all it's all about you. I shoot weddings up and down the UK and have over 200 under my belt now so if you are looking for a wedding photographer who won't make you feel super awkward and will beautifully document the love between you and your people, then i'm your girl! 

We are probably a good fit if you're choosing fun over tradition, if your wedding is going to be super relaxed and a lot of fun and if you like cats. (optional)

As well as  weddings, I also shoot natural family photography sessions in and around Staffordshire. Family photography is really close to my heart and being able to document intimacy between parents and their small humans is so special.

My website has lots of examples of work to look at, but you can also find me on all of the social media platforms: 

FacebookInstagramTwitter + Pinterest (although that's mostly me browsing for pretty things that i'll never buy)

Photography shouldn't be cheesy poses, or uncomfortable moments. It should be a reflection of whatever you are feeling in that moment. Photography is precious right away but it also increases in value as more time goes by. I want you to be able to look back on your images and remember exactly what it felt like to be in that moment. No cheese, just love.

So who am I? Well i'm a 32, have an obsession with mustard yellow and Greys Anatomy and have perfected the messy bun. You can find more about me here, or tell me about yourself here.

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