Hello! I’m very excited to be working with a new album provider to create some beautiful but budget friendly options for wedding albums. These albums are covered with a hard back, gloss cover, with the option to have a photograph of your choice printed on the front. The pages are lay flat, which means that there is no crease in the centre of the page and it allows your images to flow nicely on each page. The introductory price for these books is £150 and this includes 20 spreads (both pages when its open). You are welcome to add additional pages at £10 each. 

When designing the album, I will ask you to provide 50 images and find that this fits nicely within the 20 spread layout. If you would like to include more, then that is no problem at all. The proofing process allows you to make changes to the design, add in or remove images before it goes to print.

To pay for your album, please click the buy now button below. The introductory offer is available for 1 week only.


Do We Really Need An Album?

So why should you buy an album? Well so much of our life is spent looking at screens these days and this is where most of our photograph live. Albums can’t be accidentally deleted, cant become outdated and are a forever, physical memory of your day. If, ten or twenty years from now, you want to be able to open your wedding album and see the colours as rich and vivid as the day of the wedding itself then you will be able to. 

Did you ever have to sit through slideshows as a kid, bored to tears? I know I did. But if someone handed me a fresh batch of prints developed at Boots, I used to love riffling through them. The same will be true when friends come over, when family come to visit, or when you sit down and show your own children. Perhaps even your grandchildren, many more years down the line.

The act of leafing through a book together, pointing out what you all looked like when you were younger. Remembering what everyone was doing then and thinking about where they must be now. It’s a powerful thing.

Not only this, but you’ll actually look at your photos more often than if they remain on a computer. With a physical book within reach on a shelf, it’s so much easier to pick it up and relive those memories.