12 August 2015

Tips For Planning Your Wedding…That Don’t Involve Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun. The flowers, centrepieces, dresses, suits, cake…the cake is always the best part. As soon as the engagement ring goes on, piles of wedding magazines appear from nowhere, you are repeatedly asked when the big day is and are trying to work out whether you can afford 25 bridesmaids. Having planned my own wedding and also helped in the planning of many other weddings, I have experienced both the loveliness and the stress of wedding planning. Here are some tips to help you stay sane and also invest in your future marriage.

Schedule a date night – My grandparents are in their 70s and always say that one of the most important things that they still do together is to have a date once a week. When you are planning a wedding, you’ll most probably spend countless hours fighting with prit stick and arguing over why certain people can’t sit together during your reception. Make time once a week to put down the computer and the phone and reconnect with each other. Some of my favourite moments have been curled up on the sofa, with my husband, watching whichever box set we are working through. It definitely doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is definitely a good idea.


Stay true to yourself – Planning a wedding can sometimes involve negotiating your way around certain family expectations. You’re mum wants you to invite a bunch of people that you met when you were 3, or your grandma wants 5 billion group shots because thats the way that it has always been done. It’s very important to listen to those close to you when they want to offer their opinion, but if its not something that you want to do, then its more important for you to stay true to what you want for your day. Explain this to them.

Exercise – One of the best remedies for stress is exercise. Go for a jog or a swim and release those feel good hormones!

Take time out – Take a break and do something that you love that has nothing to do with wedding planning. Time away will reduce your stress levels and help you to be more focused on getting the job done when you come back to it.

Money, money, money – Write a budget and stick to it. Your wedding will be really lovely and it will be filled with the things and people that you love BUT think carefully about what you can afford to do. Walking into marriage with lots of debt to pay back can be stressful. Get creative and find ways to add personal touches to your wedding without over spending.


Spend time with older married couples – You may think that you understand what being in a relationship is, that you know each other really well and that marriage will be a piece of cake. You’re  wrong. Marriage is amazing but its hard work. It’s a daily choice to be with a person, regardless of how smelly their farts are, or how much leaving the lid off the toothpaste annoys you. Spending time with couples who have been married for some time if really beneficial in learning how to live and love one another.

Delegate – Bridesmaids and groomsmen are some of your nearest and dearest. You chose them because they play an important part of your life and you want to acknowledge that importance. In giving them this role, it is also their job to help with the planning and execution of the wedding. Share the responsibility.

Plan your future – Talk about the things that you are excited about that will come in the years after the wedding. Your wedding will be amazing but it is just one day. The reason that you are planning your wedding is because you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Talk about your hopes and dreams.

Hug because it’s good for the soul.


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