15 November 2018

The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding – Laura Rhian Photography

In August, I spent a couple of hours with Seth and Lydia and their nearest and dearest up in Yorkshire. These guys are such a great example of a couple who fully invest in getting a great set of portraits. They were willing to indulge all of my crazy ideas! I left feeling super happy and like i’d just had a great big, warm hug. Here is Lydia to talk you through their planning process.

Venue: Secret Sea View Chapel, Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire.

We both love the water (in fact I’m pretty sure that Seth is actually part Merman, he spends so much time in it!) and really wanted to get married by the sea – Seth actually found the venue, he knew about it from his time in the coastguard and I cried when we went to look round it, it was so beautiful! Robin Hoods Bay is a tiny little fishing village with narrow cobbled streets with no space for cars, you can’t help but feel its embrace when you arrive. We only got engaged in March of this year but when we found the venue and they told us they had a date free in the summer we thought we’d go for it, it just seemed meant to be!

Because the venue was so small and intimate, it set the tone for our Wedding and we decided that we’d keep the ceremony just for our immediate friends and family and then throw a massive party for everyone else back at home. In the end it pretty much turned into two whole weddings – the most magical and wonderful few days of our whole life!

Outfits (for the bridal party): I’m not a very girlie girl and thought of trying on reams of big white dresses could have sent me into an absolute panic, particularly as several of my friends had warned me that I might struggle to get a dress ordered on such a relatively short timescale.

However, it seemed like fate gave me a little helping hand on this as I walked past a boutique called Kula Tsurdiu near where I work and saw this beautiful top hanging in the window and fell in love with it there and then; it’s made from geo-cut Nottingham Lace and was just a little different to anything else I’d seen. The skirt was brought ‘off the peg’ from a closing down sale, I called in on my lunch break and it fitted perfectly so I brought it there and then! My niece, Daphne was my flower girl, I took her shopping and she chose her own dress, luckily, even at 4 years old, she has great taste!

Rings: Our Wedding bands are from Excel in Nottingham, they’re very simple and are both engraved inside with the date.  My engagement ring is a family heirloom that Seth had set with a new stone.

Cake: My wonderful friend Jasmin runs a cafe called Homemade in Nottingham and she made our actual Wedding cake as a present – it was a three tiered naked sponge that looked and tasted amazing! We saved it for the party but Seth’s mum didn’t want us to miss out on cutting a cake on actual wedding day so she brought one from M&S!

Flowers: I went to a lovely local florist the day before and brought flowers for buttons holes and bouquets.  Hydrangea, eucalyptus and Lisianthus.

Photographer: I am hideously camera shy, in fact, as crazy as it sounds, the thing I worried the most about getting married was having my photo taken… I even thought about not having a photographer to try and avoid the anxiety! … but at the back of my mind I knew I did just want at least that one photo, that one photo that captures everything that day means to you, that one that you frame and put on your mantel piece that will always make you misty eyed remembering the day.. So we began trawling Instagram for photographers and again, in the end it was easy.. we came across Laura’s work and it was gorgeous, exactly the stuff we wanted, nothing stiff, starched and heavily posed.. just beautiful pictures of couples where you could almost feel their love. I didn’t hold out much hope that Laura would be available at such short notice but by some miracle she was.

Laura was brilliant, that’s all I can say. She understood exactly what we wanted and within a few minutes of meeting her en-route to the Chapel, she made me feel totally at ease, like I’d known her for ages. I didn’t even feel that weird about having my photo taken (and dare I say it, I actually enjoyed the couple shots!). I seriously cried when I saw some of the photos she’d taken, they were incredible! There isn’t just one photo we want for the mantel piece – there’s loads!

Evening entertainment: After the ceremony we stuffed our faces with a cream tea then headed to the pub! Everybody we met was so lovely, complete strangers kept congratulating us and wishing us well. Most of our family were staying at the local Youth Hostel so we got changed out of our wedding gear and headed back there so the little ones could go to bed. We drank till we were merry and shared our Wedding cake with everyone that was there and they made us a card! I know the bar of a youth hostel doesn’t sound like the most glamorous way to celebrate your wedding but honestly it was perfect!

Table Decorations: Empty glasses mostly! ?

1.When you were planning, what were the most important things that you wanted for your wedding?

I think the most important thing was we wanted it to feel like ‘us’.. nothing formal.. comfortable, relaxed and happy. We also wanted to be able to share it with all the people we love.. we decided fairly early on we’d rather share a celebratory drink with everyone than have to start picking and choosing who we invited to a 3 course meal…… in fact that was the only tricky bit as then we fell in love with a tiny venue miles away from our home town so the logistics seemed a little impossible! For a while we were trying to work out how we were going to compromise but in the end we didn’t.. we got married by the sea and then had a big celebration in a marquee in a woodland back home two days later.. the whole thing felt like a fairy tale!

2. Is there anything that you wished you had done differently?

In all honesty, no, it really was the most magical few days of our lives so far!

Everything was perfect (even the weather!). We got married 6 months after we got engaged and I know some people through we were a bit crazy trying to plan a wedding in a relativity short space of time but that just added to the fun!

3. Can you offer any advice to couples in the planning process? 

Just to enjoy every moment and don’t worry about other peoples expectations, if you’re having the most amazing time, so will they! There will be a moment on your big day when you look round, surrounded by all your friends and family where you will want to bottle that joy!

And the planning, the planning is definitely all part of the fun.. enjoy every second of it!!…. and congratulations on finding your lobster.

The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding
The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding

The Cove Secret Seaview Wedding

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