9 August 2015

Photographer vs Registrar | Wedding Planning

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If you are a follower of my work, then you will hopefully have noticed that my approach to photographing a wedding is natural and unobtrusive. I love photographing real life moments rather than staging them because it brings so much more meaning to the images for the couple. The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day but you may not have considered that having it photographed in a documentary style isnt as straight forward as you might think.

If you choose to get married in a church, then during the planning stages, chat through what the photography requirements are with the person conducting the ceremony. In my experience, there are no set rules. Some vicars are very accommodating and allow me to place myself discreetly in the best position to photograph from. Others have certain requirements, for example, photographing from the back of the church, or remaining stood in one place for the duration of the ceremony. It is really important to know what your vicar prefers before the ceremony, so that you know what to expect. In rare cases, vicars have requested no photography at all during a ceremony. If you were unaware of this prior to the wedding day, then it could come as a nasty shock.

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There can also be restrictions put in place by registrars in non-religious venues. Unfortunately, this is pot luck because you won’t know who is conducting your ceremony or how they feel about photography until the day. I have worked with lots of great registrars who are more than happy to let me do my thing but I have also worked with registrars who are not willing to budge on what they will allow. My advice in this situation would be to chat to the venue. They will usually have a number of registrars that work there regularly and so will be able to give you an idea of what is and isn’t allowed.

Some of my couples have chosen to complete the legal formalities of their marriage before their wedding date. The beauty of this is that on their wedding day, a hired celebrant or loved one can conduct the ceremony. In this case, the couple can get married wherever they like, including outside. Currently, in England, couples must be under a roof to be legally married. For me, this is a wonderful opportunity to photograph the ceremony discreetly, without worrying about breaking any rules.

What are your experiences of getting married?

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who loves shooting for relaxed couples and who might make you laugh so hard that you snort, then I would love to hear from you.

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