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Heaton House Farm wedding venue is a real treat. In addition to being a really beautiful wedding venue, it is also placed in the lovely Cheshire countryside. The venue itself is on the site of a working farm, which adds to its unique character and can accommodate both intimate and large weddings. The inside of the venue has a marquee feel to it and so is very neutral and allows you to bring in your own colours and style for your wedding. The venue has a few different areas inside including separate rooms for the ceremony, wedding reception and party so whilst it is all in the same venue, there's variety in the spaces available. It's also got a really great space for bridal prep and rooms for over night accommodation so you can get ready in leisure and not have to worry about getting yourself there on time.

A Heaton House Farm wedding is for couples who are planning an elegant but relaxed day. It's a family run wedding venue and I think that that definitely shines through in their service because they take time and effort to make it a personal and wonderful experience for their couples. There are tons of quirky spots for photography, as well as a private garden and a huge, beautiful tree. The venue is really versatile because of its neutral, movable backdrops which can adapt to any party size, colours and themes that you want to create. The extra space indoors also means that if the wonderful UK weather doesn't go to plan, there is room inside the venue for photos and generally hanging out with your guests.

staffordshire wedding photographer

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