7 September 2017

Favourite Confetti Moments

Looking back over the weddings that I’ve done over the recent years, I think that some of my favourite moments to capture have got to be the confetti throwing moments. Confetti being thrown in the faces of a couple never fails to produce some brilliant facial expressions, and the cheering and whooping from family and friends just makes the moment feel all the more celebratory. It really is a great way to release all of the nerves and anticipation leading up to the ceremony; throwing confetti is an amazing way to breathe a sigh of relief that the formalities are all done, and the party can begin!

I love to photograph these moments, because it is always such a fun and happy moment to look back on for the couple and their families; you really can see all of the excitement and happiness in everyone’s faces – couples and guests alike. I just love how happy wedding guests seem to be when they get to throw pretty things at the newlyweds, and the excitement/relief/shock on the faces of the couples who are having confetti thrown at them!

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, and you’re weighing up your options about whether or not to include confetti, take a look at some of the images I’ve included below and maybe it’ll help you to make you mind up. I’ve compiled a selection of my favourite confetti throwing photographs from a few of the weddings that I’ve shot to share with you. I hope that they make you smile as much as they made me smile looking back on them!


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