7 April 2018

Colourful 50’s Inspired Wedding – Lichfield Wedding Photographer

John and Kellys wedding was sort of like a warm hug. It was bright, colourful and so much fun. I was a bit sad when it was over because I left with such a happy heart. I was very proud to have this wedding featured in RocknRoll Bride Magazine, which came out last month (I think you can still get a copy). When I was selecting images for this blog, I found it really difficult to narrow down the choices because there was so much happiness in the photographs.

I’ll hand you over to Kelly to tell you all about the suppliers that she chose.

To John and Kelly, thank you so much! Much love.

Our venueThe School House, Lichfield – we chose the venue as we wanted a plain, white marquee to showcase all of the bright colours! It was also set within such beautiful grounds to allow us to have some gorgeous, countryside shots.

My dress – is Amanda Wyatt and was a sample dress from The Bridal Rooms (formally heart of the country, Lichfield). It was completely meant to be as I had been searching for a while for a full length dress that had polka dots on and I walked into the shop and saw the dress straight away. It has a gorgeous Swiss dot fabric on the skirt and because of the price, I was able to customise it by taking the straps off and adding a big, Disney bow to the back.

BridesmaidsVivian of Holloway – the entire wedding was based around these dresses. I picked them as soon as I got engaged as I love how flattering they are! Our wedding was based around the 6 colours in the dresses. They are so bright and glamorous and the girls looked amazing in them!

Rings – my engagement ring was designed by John and is a beautiful yellow diamond set in a white diamond, yellow gold band. Our wedding bands complement it perfectly.

Cake – I came across Paisley Immy Cakes at a wedding fayre and after tasting her cakes… I fell in love. We met with her to discuss our ideas and she was so creative… we bounced ideas off each other and luckily she loves a challenge. We wanted the outside to look like paint being splattered and then the inside was a tier of chocolate, a tier of rainbow vanilla buttercream and a tier of rainbow marble lemon. It was delicious and so flipping cool! I really wanted a rainbow cake and Imogen came up with the idea of having each tier different which included the rainbow buttercream and also a marble effect too.

Flowers – our flowers were by Flower Design of Lichfield and looked great in the vintage jars I had collected. I asked for as many colours as possible and for them to look a bit wild and not “put together”. I also really wanted the “yellow ball flowers” which I still don’t know what are called but luckily, they were everywhere!

Photographer – what can I say? I knew that this was one of the most important bookings I was going to make and Laura just fit perfectly. I wanted a creative person who was going to capture us in a natural way and as soon as I saw her photographs I knew Laura was perfect for us. One of the first things I said was how much I hated staged, cheesy wedding photographs and she totally agreed! I also think it’s mega important to click with your photographer and luckily she is a flipping cool chick too! I absolutely love my photographs and I couldn’t of asked for anyone better.

Evening entertainmentThe Hustle Party Band – our band is how we met eight years ago as I joined to replace their previous singer. It only took a couple of months until we became more than just Band mates so music has played a massive part in our story. We still play together in our band the hustle and knew that we would play at our own wedding (how could we not?!). We also played our own “First Song” as we really didn’t fancy a first dance. It was amazing to have our guests sing along with us and dance to our set… it was one of my favourite moments of the whole day!

Venue decorations – I would describe our wedding as a rainbow music festival with a vintage twist! I just went mad with collecting… from jars to vintage radios to vinyl records to album covers… which was actually incredible fun as well as adding a real personal feel to our day! I also invested in handmade, polka dot bunting from a lovely lady off Etsy as well as rainbow lanterns from the Hanging Lantern company which really added lots of colour to the white marquee. Another proud craft moment is definitely our wooden sign outside our venue which was a real team effort by my husband and I!

When you were planning, what were the most important things that you wanted for your wedding? The most important thing I wanted for our wedding was a laid back feeling created by music! We are both big fans of less formal weddings which are FUN! We wanted music at every single moment of the day so made sure to book live musicians rather than play cd’s. We had a string trio in the church, a Dixieland jazz band upon arrival at our venue, a saxophonist during our wedding breakfast and then we played in the evening. My husband even played guitar and sang his speech (another one of my favourite moments!!).

Is there anything that you wished you had done differently? I often used to think before I went to the trouble of crafting, sourcing something off eBay or booking someone…. “will I regret not doing this after our day? Will I wish I had done it?”. Doing this really worked! I honestly did everything that I wanted to and genuinely wouldn’t have done anything differently at all! Loved every moment and feel incredible proud.

Can you offer any advice to couples in the planning process? My advice is to enjoy the whole process and use this wonderful time as an excuse to be creative! I also think it’s important to have no fear… do what YOU want and be true to who you are as a couple!


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