27 March 2018

But Why Should We Book A Family Photography Session When We Have A Million Phone Photos?

Well that’s a very good question! These days most parents have a snazzy smart phone or two between them, which have increasingly marvellous cameras and are usually within arms reach. If you are a proud parent, you no doubt have camera rolls brimming with cute baby cheeks and tiny toes and this is wonderful. I would always encourage you to record as much of the little lives you have created as possible. When I was thinking about this topic, I took to the ever wise members of my facebook friends list and asked the same question. I received many hilarious, blurred, badly lit phone photos, mostly from another professional photographer who will remain nameless! Comedy shots aside, it helped to illustrate my point.

So why invest in professional photography?

Well for the most part, the answer is simple. You. If you scroll through your photos, do you see images of all of you together (excluding the selfies)? Sharing special moments and life together? For me, the best part about family sessions is being able to photograph the connections between family members. Another of my facebook friends, in response to my question, said ‘Because a selfie doesn’t capture the moment you share together. You are just looking into a camera.’ hear so many parents say that they hate being in front of the camera. If i’m honest, so do I. Maybe you think you’re not thin enough, your hair isn’t right, you have too many spots…the list is endless. I wonder though…when you look back at photos of you with your parents, do you have those thoughts about them? Or are you just glad that someone took those photos?

Time has a habit of moving forward so quickly. People often say ‘Gosh it’ll soon be Christmas’ or ‘I don’t know where this year has gone’. I’m sure that as a sleep deprived parent, time can seem endless and making it to the end of the day can sometimes feel like an achievement. You guys are absolute heroes and I admire you all. Those all consuming, heart swelling, brand new, tears inducing feelings of love for your little ones are so precious. Having a tangible memory of what those days were like, remembering the not showering for a week, having your clothes covered in various baby liquids and not being able to remember what day of the week it is may feel like a challenge now but when you’re driving them to university, it’ll feel like it has passed in the blink of an eye.

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My family sessions are a fly on the wall glimpse of your life as a family. There is no awkward posing, no cheesy fake smiles but genuine, real moments between the people you love most in the world whilst doing the things that you do almost every day. It is the story of your family, told with beautiful, well lit, fully in focus images that don’t have you stretching your arm as far as it will go to fit you all in.

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