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Big Fat Lock Down Quiz – The Answers

Round 1 – General Knowledge

Q1 – What do you get if you cross a Schnauzer with a Poodle? Schnoodle

Q2 – Which famous quiz show host was born on my birthday? Chris Tarrant

Q3 – Which famous robot cowboy actor died on my birthday? Yul Brynner

Q4 – What is the name of the animalistic humans from the series ‘Firefly’? Reavers

Q5 – Which now famous film director once played a character who dated Monika in friends? John Favreau

Q6 – What is Africa’s longest river? The Nile

Q7 – What does the word ‘Karaoke’ mean when translated? Empty Orchestra

Q8 – What is a group of Unicorns called? A Blessing

Q9 – What is Youtubes most popular video? Despacito

Q10 – In which English town is Faulty Towers set? Torquay

Round 2 – What Plant Is This?

Q1 – Spider Plant

Q2 – Snake Plant

Q3 – Robert Plant

Q4 – Monsterra/Cheese Plant

Q5 – Audrey II

Round 3 – Alphabet TV Shows

There are unlimited answers to this question. We will leave this to you to debate. The winner is the person who got the biggest list without missing a letter.

Round 4 – Milton Chippy

Q1 – Cheesy Chips – £2.50

Q2 – Carrot Cake – £2.50

Q3 – Cheese-O’s – £2.50

Q4 – Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets – £2.50

Q5 – Extra Thick Schmoo – £2.50

Q6 – Pudding and chips in a tray – £3.50

Q7 – Large, Battered Sausage – £1.30

Q8 – Steak and Kidney Pudding – £1.70

Q9 – Tuna Salad – £3.00

Q10 – An solitary pickled egg – £0.50

Round 5 – Music Round

Q1 – Queen – Dont Stop me Now

Q2 – Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face

Q3 – Blur – Song 2

Q4 – Elbow – One Day Like This

Q5 – Alphabeat – Facination

Q6 – Pat Travers – Black Betty

Q7 – Radiohead – Creep

Q8 – B52s – Love shack

Q9 – Ben E King – Stand By Me

Q10 – Cardigans – Favourite Game

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