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London Southbank Wedding – When Two Artists Got Married

In August last year, I shot Abbey and Stasia’s London Southbank wedding It is no easy job to plan a whole wedding in 3 months but this girls did it. From the first email exchange, I knew that we were a great fit for each other. They really wanted to invest time in photography on the wedding day, which is music to my ears. We shot one of my favourite couple shoots to date in and around Southbank, London. I definitely find myself drawn to textures and colour. The rustier the better sometimes! Being able to flex my creativity was super fun for me. Thanks so much for having me girls!

Here they are to talk you through the planning of their day:

Venue: In the beginning we were going to have a very small wedding so we thought that a town hall would work nicely but when we got to Chelsea Registry Office, we fell in love with it, so when the wedding got bigger we decided we wanted to stick with it. The two people leading the ceremony made it very special and not cold and contractual like we were expecting, and the steps outside the venue made for the best confetti photos. After the ceremony, we headed off for some portraits around Southbank before joining our guests at The National Theatre. They have a suite in there called the Deck which has incredible views of the London skyline. Theatre is very close to our hearts and is our place of work so it made total sense that we would include it in our day. The staff provided us with a stress free, relaxed experience and some awesome food. The Deck had an amazing events team to help us. At first it was Fleur O’Hare, to get us all booking in, And then the incredible Daisy Mouatt to help us plan and run the party.

Outfits: Anastasia wore a 1950s-esque skater dress from Torrid and Abbey wore a black and white shirt and black collarless blazer for the ceremony and a blue shirt for the reception both from Paul Smith. Anastasia had ordered a few dresses to try and it was just the perfect dress, with only a slight alteration to be made under the arms, it was very comfortable, had pockets, and showed off my tattoos

Abbey had gone shopping with her mum, knowing she didn’t want to wear a dress but didn’t want a traditional suit either, she tried on many things and came home with a few shirts but the real thing came along when her mom sent here a link a couple weeks later with the Paul Smith website that had shirt that were equally formal but artsy and unique at the same time. Two of them worked so well she got both and opted for a costume change.

Anastasia ordered new white low top converse with rainbow soles and stripes around the bottom of the shoes. She has white and silver flower pins in her hair, silver earrings, and a white gold locket that belonged to her great-great Aunt with pictures of here great-great-great grandparents in it, loaned to her my her grandmother, over 100 years old now.

Abbey ordered new white high top vans which then travelled with us everywhere on our honeymoon and had the name of every place we went written on them. She also wore her tiffany ring that her parents gave her when she graduated Uni. She has her hair dyed purple for the big day.

Cake: We had 8 dozen vegan cupcakes made by Flavourtown Bakery. Half were cookies and cream cupcakes and the other half were vanilla birthday cake cupcakes

Venue Decor: We didn’t have a theme or colour scheme but our flowers were purple and white with greenery, our favours were handmade rainbow coasters to match the rainbow detailing on Anastasias shoes. We named the table after theatres as we both work in the theatre industry. The head table was the Dorfman theatre, our favourite theatre at the National, the two table with all of Abbeys Sheffield Uni friends were The Crucible for the city’s main theatre and Glossop road after the rehearsal space they had and used at Uni, Our LAMDA drama school friends were at the Sainsbury table after the new main house space at LAMDA, the rest after famous London Theatres like The Globe, The Old Vic and Battersea Arts Centre, which we live right down the street from.

Rings: We decided a long time ago that we would both want engagement rings as well as wedding bands, so we spent a long time looking for something unique as neither of us were the diamond or stone types. We looked through different kind of metal bands, wood and resin bands but nothing was ever quite right and we liked the idea of being matching. Then we came across a designer from the US called Anna Sheffield who was perfect. Her style was one that all of her rings could be paired and added to but none of the standard wedding tropes. For the wedding band we went to Liberty’s London and ordered a custom white gold wedding band from Kojis, the same width as our engagement rings. They look incredible together.

Entertainment: We had DJ Stef from SpinSisters entertain us for the night and she is one of the best things we chose for the wedding, she play a night mix of electroswing and lounge music for dinner and then had everyone of their feet dancing the rest of the night. We were originally going to use someone from a company that work with the Deck a lot but when most of their usuals were booked out we did a search and decided we wanted to support more female artists as we did with hiring our photographer and we found spin sisters, and all female collective of DJs which brought us Stef. These were ultimately some of the best decisions we made and we are so happy we did

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding? I would say don’t sweat the small details, you wont notice them on you big day, the blessing in disguise of having three months to plan a wedding was that we had to make decisions quickly, if we had more time to make decisions it would’ve been a much more stressful task

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