Christmas Wreath Workshop

When I was a teenager, I decided that I wanted a job to fund my excessive phone credit habit, so I walked down the main road near where we lived and into a florist. I put on my best smile and asked if they were hiring because I loved flowers and I needed a job. Thankfully the smile worked and I spent the next 3 years working on Saturdays and during school holidays. It was a great job and whilst I didnt learn how to curb my phone credit habit (it lasted till Sunday evening) I learned a lot of cool floristry skills and the love of flowers has never really left me. Nicola of Brown Sugar Blooms is my favourite florist and every year she runs a few Christmas wreath making workshops so I thought i’d go along to brush up on my rusty old skills. It was a lot of fun. Nicola’s teaching was easy to follow and we were thoroughly looked after by the staff at Yellowstone Art Boutique. Thank you all for a very enjoyable evening!