27 December 2017

Relaxed Wedding Photographer | Two Thousand And Seventeen

Hello! Hope you have all thoroughly enjoyed the festive period. If you are new here, then i’m Laura and i’m a creative, relaxed wedding photographer based in Staffordshire. I shoot weddings up and down the country and I love my job. This post is the round up post at the end of the year and it is always my favourite one because I get to look through all of the lovely moments of the year. This year i’ve been up north and down south. I’ve shot weddings by the beach and weddings in barns. I’ve laughed a lot and cried a bit. All of the long hours on the road and in front of the computer are so worth it because my couples have been so happy with the results.

To all of my 2017 couples…you made me feel all of the feels, share in your tears and laugh alongside you. Not only have I worked with some amazing couples, but i’ve made some lovely new friends too. I love you all. You were the best. <3

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Here is my year in summary…


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