Hi, i'm Laura and I specialise in taking honest, creative portraits of people loving each other. My work is completely natural, full of heart and most importantly smiley, happy kids. The images of own my family, that I hold close to my heart are not posed, forced smiles with everyone looking at the camera. The sorts of images that give me those deep down heart string twangs are images where there is heart, where there is connection and where there is love. My family sessions reflect this. They are a record of your family at this moment in time, being exactly how they are.

My sessions involve hanging out with you and doing stuff that your family loves to do best. They involve cuddles, tickles and laughing so hard that you snort. I want to photograph them reading their favourite book, chat to them about why Peppa pig is the best thing in the world (we've all been there, right?!) and photograph them at their most relaxed. My family sessions are an alternative to the traditional style of family photography. They can take place in your home, or in one of your favourite places.

My session prices are simple and there are no hidden extras. For £250, you'll receive the whole gallery to download, print, share with friends and family and use on social media.

MATERNITY SESSIONS \\ There is a special place in my heart for maternity sessions and they are a great way to celebrate your invitation to parenthood. I love photographing the changes in your body to accommodate your new little person. Normally I would shoot part of the session outdoors, somewhere quiet and pretty but I also love to shoot some images in your home.  If you would prefer to do the whole shoot outdoors, then this is no problem either. Your choice of outfit is entirely up to you but I can advise if you need it and you can stay as covered as you feel comfortable with. The shoot is very informal and I shy away from awkward posing. For me, maternity shoots are a silent love story between the two of you and a chance to experience the excitement of the next step.

NEWBORN SESSIONS \\ My newborn sessions are not staged, or posed but instead focus on recording all of the newness that has come into your lives. Little tiny feet, faces at bath time, cuddles during a feed. These moments will pass you by in the blur of sleep deprivation. They are not perfectly manicured images but are raw portraits of the most intense feeling of love that you will experience. The session will take place in your home, where you are most relaxed and i'll give you the space to relax and spend time with your new baby.

HOME SESSIONS \\ Mud pies in the garden, reading a book in bed, pillow fights and making a cake together are a few of the things that I love photographing with my families. Natural, normal, everyday things may seem run of the mill now will become treasured memories in years to come.

WILD AND FREE  SESSIONS\\ These sessions are off the beaten track, in woodlands, or on hillsides. They involve adventure, exploring and imagination. Come paddling with me, roll down hills with me and make daisy chains with me. Breathe in the fresh air and feel those moments with your nearest and dearest.


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