>> ABOUT ME <<

Hi there! I’m Laura, i’m a Staffordshire wedding photographer, a wife of 5 years (and counting!), a doting aunty and self confessed Netflix addict.

I live in a little town called Leek, with my husband Lee and our furry feline, Poppy. Without Lee, I would easily become a crazy cat lady. If you venture through my house, you would no doubt see various household items with pictures of cats on them (most of them from Urban Outfitters).

staffordshire wedding photographer

I wasn’t a person who was given a camera as a child and instantly fell in love. Photography found in my early twenties and became a way of processing the peaks and troughs of my life. My grandad is my biggest fan and my cheerleader. He was a professional photographer and I love that it makes me like him.

I am a free spirit who loves jazz music and pretty dresses. I’m a huge fan of furniture shopping, mustard yellow and Greys Anatomy. I’m a serial flower buyer, a terrible driver and a natural born optimist.

Wedding photography is (as cheesy as it sounds) a dream come true for me. It allows me to surround myself with happy, smiley people, be creative and give my couples memories of them on their very best day.

I’m definitely not a ‘say cheese’ sort of photographer. I won’t make you feel awkward, or fake. I might make you laugh so hard that you snort. My photographs are simply about happiness and love. I love shooting in front of big doors and lovely evening light. Most of my couples are looking for someone who takes honest, natural images that are a true reflection of their day. They are also not big fans of posing and so I tend not to do too much of this.

We are probably a good fit if you are planning a relaxed day, with an emphasis on fun rather than tradition. I will take the set family photographs that you request, but the majority of my work is natural.